Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Rob and I are getting ready to move... not to a new house, yet! although house-hunting is on our horizon for the end of the summer, after camp and our trip to the UK. We're busy packing up this week and getting ready to move to Camp Sankanac for five weeks, where Rob will be a village director for the youngest group of boys. We visited last night to evaluate our living quarters, and the maintenance staff is in the middle of a remodel. It looks great, and they've installed a ceiling fan, which will be wonderful. Hopefully the place is looking better by Sunday!

We are really looking forward to our friend Dave working as a counselor this summer. Dave recently completed his service in the Peace Corps and was stationed in Azerbaijan. It will be great to catch up on life with him, as a lot has happened in all of our lives over the past two years.

This is Apache Cabin, where we will be staying:

Apache once housed slaves who were escaping to freedom as a stop on the Underground Railroad.


  1. Wow! Exciting :) The cabin looks fun... do you have it all to yourselves or do you get to share?

  2. All to ourselves... :) Except for when the counselors will stop in from time to time to get something or talk to Rob.


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