Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tape, Newspapers and {Empty} Boxes

Two and a half weeks until closing on our house, and I have less than 3 boxes packed. And so far, I've only packed books. I've searched the web for "moving tips", thinking that would put me into the mood to begin the process that I am all-too-familiar with. I have been collecting boxes from work for weeks now, and we've been saving the Sunday paper (sans coupons) and got tape and some Sharpies with a $10 Target GC that we got when we got the newspaper subscription. So I've got the goods. The problem is the lack of desire to actually PUT things IN the empty boxes. I don't know what it is about starting to pack that makes me so unmotivated. I am usually ready for a big change like this, and although I can enthusiastically say that I am MORE than ready to move, I just feel overwhelmed (?) about packing.

Maybe when the Phils win the World Series, Rob will want to help.

Most likely, the day before the truck gets here, we will be tossing things in boxes randomly.

This past Saturday, we purchased 16 gallons of paint that will get us started on getting the house ready to move into before we actually move on Thanksgiving weekend. 6 gallons of s ceiling paint, 2 gallons of Dusty Gold, 2 gallons of Harvest Brown (a tan tone), 2 gallons of Tate Olive, and 2 gallons of Bradford Brown (think brown and eggplant, mixed). We tried to choose natural colors so that we could bring the view from the outside in, since we have such great natural light and wonderful views of fields out of most of our windows.

In preparation for pulling out the old, nasty carpets, we have been purchasing, collecting, and searching for area rugs... a sometimes arduous task.

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  1. Katie,
    I suggest that you pack more books. Considering you have so many.
    It is important (knowing how organzied you are) that you don't just throw things in boxes.
    Imagine the chaos.


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