Friday, November 13, 2009

Top 10 List

In an attempt to help myself remember all the things I am "wanting" at certain points in time during our house renovations/redecoration, I hope to post one of these collages every once and a while, with links below the collage to remind myself what store has what, and (more importantly) how much it all might end up costing us... what room we plan to use it in, etc. Maybe it will help give you an idea, too! A blog, after all, is for the reader, right? :)
(click on the image to view a larger version)

1. A GORM storage unit from IKEA similar to this one will hopefully provide some useful organization space in our HUGE unfinished basement. Maybe next to the laundry center we hope to create?
2. There's currently a pretty outdated glass prism chandelier above the space where our kitchen table will go, so we'd like to install this brushed steel pendant light from Lowe's.
3. 2 or 3 pendant lights from Lowe's for above our sink, to coordinate with the larger pendant light and fit in with the stainless steel appliances we're also hoping to get some day.
4. Also on our shopping list for our next IKEA trip is this NORBO drop-leaf table in beech, which will get mounted to the basement wall and be a great place to fold laundry or use for other projects in which a table would be helpful!
5. We recently purchased this great 3-piece rug set at Bed Bath & Beyond for just $80 (after our 20% of coupon) and actually had a GC, so it was virtually free! The set - sorry, couldn't find a link - consisted of an 8x10 area rug, a runner for the hallway, and a 2x3 entryway rug. We're planning to use this set in the living room, hallway and at the front door for a consistent look in the living area.
6. A few months ago, we purchased a black canopy bed at The Dump for just $195, but are still using our mish-mash of dressers and nightstands from college apartment life. The clean lines of this HEMNES nightstand from IKEA will look great next to our new bed!
7. To accompany our nightstand, and a dresser we currently have that is teal (which we plan to paint black eventually - stay tuned for a before & after project!) is this modestly-priced HEMNES chest of drawers.
8. We're looking for a set of chairs to use in the living room to complement our mink-colored soft leather reclining sofa. We don't have our heart set on these armless tan velvet accent chairs from Target, but it's a start.
9. I love this simple waffle-weave white shower curtain from Target. White goes well with a pink bath tub, right?
10. Last but not least, there's a little nook in our kitchen where I'd like to put this hutch of sorts - SMADAL bookcase from IKEA with doors. I plan to store all my cookbooks in here, as well as use it as more storage for the kitchen. Can't wait for our Christmas Break trip to IKEA-ville!

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  1. Love the collage! And I've been glancing toward that Hemnes dresser every trip to Ikea for a while! And LOVE #10. Gotta caution you about the item by #1... we had an item from Ikea that looked to be in that series back when we first got married and found out it's cheap for a reason. It was always wobbly and a little scary to put things on. Though it might have been better installed to a wall, which we couldn't do because we were renting. We now use the more industrial metal versions sold at Home Depot and they are super! Can't wait to see all your fabulous decorating ideas come to life :)


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