Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Connectivity Problems

Our internet has been down for the last week or so, and sadly, that has meant no blogging (I am actually doing this post at work over my lunch break!).  We may need a new modem, so as soon as Comcast sends us a new one, hopefully we'll be back up and running.

The second half of February was busy, and went by in a blur... due mostly to the snow.  It's been the snowiest winter in history on record in our north-west of Philadelphia area, which has meant for 5 snow days during the week in the second half of February, lots of shoveling, and learning about snow drifts due to our home's location next to a farm/cornfield.  We're talking 9-10' drifts.  Insane to see in person, and a picture doesn't do justice! 

February was also my birthday month.  I love celebrating my birthday, mostly because it's something fun to get excited about in all the dreariness of winter.  This year, Rob took me out to dinner (also, my birthday was on a 6-day weekend due to snow days!), and then we went to New York and spent a long weekend in the city - saw a show (The Fantasticks) and went to some great restaurants, bakeries, and cafes... such as SEA, a really great Thai restaurant in Brooklyn's up-and-coming Williamsburg neighborhood.

My parents also moved from the house I grew up in to a townhouse/condo in late February, so we were very busy helping them pack and move (and getting some free stuff from them for our new place, like lawnmowers, rakes, and camping gear). 

We are glad March is finally here, and are looking forward to the warmer weather and blooming buds (alliteration anyone?).  And to working on some of our "warmer weather needed" projects and getting our hands dirty with some gardening and landscaping (stay tuned for our compost bin build project!).  What are your plans for this spring?

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