Friday, April 30, 2010

Kitchen a la Julia

One famous person I wish I could have spent the day with is Julia Child.  After seeing Julia & Julia (many times), purchasing and using her cookbook, and reading her autobiography about her time in France, I just wish I could spend a day in the kitchen with her.

On our recent anniversary getaway, we spent one afternoon in the Nation's capital checking out some of our favorite free museums at The Smithsonian.  The Museum of American History has just been renovated recently, so we decided to check it out, knowing the Julia Child exhibit was also there.  It was so fun! Even Rob enjoyed it.  What a great exhibit - check it out if you're ever in D.C. Here are some pictures!

I love how carefully planned out her kitchen was, and how Julia made the most out of her limited space. Such a homey kitchen!

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  1. We just saw the movie, I loved it! I want to go to cooking school in France!


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