Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Architect in Me

To give you a better idea about the layout of our rancher, here's a little floor plan that I created:

One of Rob's summer projects will be build a stone patio off the porch (behind the kitchen and porch) so this floorplan will come in handy then.  It really helps being able to see where things are, even if not to scale.  Next I could have fun adding our "furniture" and using it to virtually explore new arrangements to see if we can maximize our space in any way.  Of course there is still a lot of detail missing, but it gives you a good idea.  All of the thicker lines represent windows, and the small diagonal lines doors.  Lots and lots of doors, some of which we have taken off so we can navigate our space a little better and not have doors banging into each other.

The trapezoid sticking out of the front is our bay window, which faces the street.  Next to that is a very small front porch and the front door to our home, which leads into the living room.  I also noticed after I finished creating it that I forgot to include windows along the back wall of the home office/guest room.   The walk-up attic (about a foot too short to stand up in) and the unfinished basement are the same size as the house, minus the garage/porch/chimney, so we have a TON of storage space right now, and will eventually have space to refinish if we decide not to move... which is a nice option.

Have any suggestions for us?


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