Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inspection. Check.

20 days later (my blogging has taken a back seat to my other part-time job: house hunting), we're well on the way to purchasing our first home!

We found this cute little stone rancher on a great half-acre lot. The estate of an elderly woman who recently passed away will soon become our new abode, and although it needs a TON of TLC, we're glad that it's pretty much a blank slate and we have lots of room to work with (and have I mentioned hardwoods under the 1960's carpet?).

Yesterday was the home inspection, and our mild anxiety about what could potentially be wrong with the house were eased into feelings of being able to fix up the few minor things that need to be done, such as replacing all of the outdated 2-prong electrical outlets, caulking some step-cracks in the basement, repainting the window trim, etc. But no major problems! We're tying up a few loose ends to get our mortgage finalized, and then we will be ready for closing, which is set for November 20th... just in time for moving in over Thanksgiving weekend when we both (and our families and friends!) have time off for the holiday. Stay tuned for our next post... the BEFORE TOUR.

*NOTE: I began writing this post last week, and finally got around to publish it. The inspection was last Tuesday.

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