Friday, September 25, 2009

The House Hunt Continues...

Well, Rob and I have been spending almost every free moment lately working on the house search. Only a week and a half into the process, we've met with our realtors 4 times, have seen 16 houses, and lost our top house on the list to another bidder who clearly makes faster decisions than we do. When we're not meeting with our realtors to tour houses that we have found online, we are constantly browsing Zillow, Trulia, and for new listings. We've looked at single-family homes, some with large yards, some with small yards. And we've looked at a few townhouses. I think Rob is more of a fan of the townhouses than I am, mostly because there are less "projects", but I happen to think working on such projects would be good for expanding our skill set, and maybe relationship too (the only time we argue, usually, is when we're working on home improvement projects together). I can usually see past the terrible carpet and wallpaper choices in most homes, but one place we looked at last Saturday was like stepping into a strange world of a cross between the land of the Smurfs and That 70s Show in the bedrooms, with faux exposed wooden beams made out of Styrofoam (gross!) in the living room/kitchen. Sorry, Buchert Road, we just couldn't see the potential. Rob even said, "It's like these people aren't even TRYING to sell their house."

So, here are a few photos I snapped of one of the bedrooms, thanks to my trusty iPhone, even though this is a house I would really like to forget. Sorry, the lighting's poor...
The room had 2 different kinds of wallpaper, and this one was velvety to the touch... eek!
Here's to hoping the homes we see this weekend are a little better than this one...


  1. We saw one house that was like was just awful. Every room was wallpapered w/ big, bold prints. One was fuzzy & one was metallic. And, it was on the ceilings! It was just awful. It was like they were doing everything they could to not have the house sell, no surprise when I drove by it the other day...still had a for sale sign. Can't wait to hear more updates.

  2. I've heard rumor that the "beams" in FRBC's sanctuary are styrofoam, too ;)

    We bought our house with metallic wallpaper on almost every wall. The advantage of the thick nasty paper is it's easier to pull off in bigger pieces!

    btw - Did you purposely coordinate the blog background with that wallpaper?! Uncanny similarity :)


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