Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cleaning Mode

With spare time a little more flexible and life a little more back to "normal" now that the holiday celebrations are over, I am in full clean-freak mode.  There's just something about things not feeling in place that seems wrong with the world to me.  It's probably a little OCDish, but when my closet is in order, my mind is in order.

Last Night's De-clutter: Our hallway closet. Known to us since we moved in as the dumping grounds for project supplies, shoes, purses, and anything we didn't know where else to put... it was a mess!     
And the re-organized after - well, it's not all that exciting, but at least you can see the floor.  But this easy closet makeover sure changed the look and feel.  I am eventually planning to paint it - including the shelves, and maybe an accent color on the back wall to add a little interest to an otherwise pretty boring space. And take down the metal hanging bars, as we don't really plan to use this for a coat closet because it's so deep and narrow. 

Sneak Peek of the Upcoming Dresser Project!

A few close-up mug shots of the furniture screaming for some DIY TLC.  New drawer liners, anyone?  I think so.  But the lines and detailing are great, and I can't wait to show you the finished product!

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