Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Inspired Cooking

Another one of my Christmas presents, thanks to my dear husband, was the movie Julie & Julia, which we saw on a date to the movies this past summer.  I'm sure you've all seen it.  And I watched it last week with my friend Meg, and was instantly inspired to do some cooking.  We were having some friends of ours over for dinner on Sunday afternoon, after all, and what would be better than trying a new recipe out on guests?

Thankfully, after I saw the movie the first time, I was inspired to buy the cookbook for myself, so I just happened to have the recipe.

And I don't mean to brag... but my beef went from beef to something savory and delicious, thanks to Julia Child.  I can see why Julie felt so empowered by her... to conquer the creation of the classic French dish, boeuf bourguignon.  I was saying it out loud in the kitchen the whole time I was cooking... try it yourself - in your best J-Child impersonation.

The roughly five hours that went into making this dish (2 hours prep + 3 in the oven) were SO worth it!  And everyone who ate it agreed.  The recipe is too long to retype, and you wouldn't get the same feel as if it were coming straight from Julia herself.  But I would highly suggest getting your hands on a copy and trying it for yourself - especially during these frigid days of winter... it really warms the soul!

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