Friday, January 29, 2010

A New Use for Used... Socks?

Last night we finally dismantled our Christmas tree.  Yes, on January 27.  Even after Rob suggested leaving it up until next year and I actually considered it.  So we found all of our "empties" in the basement, brought in our after-Christmas steals (mostly from Target), and re-organized our Christmas decorating stash while un-decorating the tree.

That's when I realized I had thrown away some of the plastic containers that some of our ornaments came packaged in originally.  I couldn't just throw the ornaments in among all of the other decorations.

And then it hit me! like a 2x4 - although, really... I don't know what that feels like.  I remembered that Rob recently emptied out his drawer-full-o-socks so that we could downsize our drawer space (in preparation for living with less dressers) and purchase only the same brand and type of socks, thus mostly eliminating the case of the solo sock that's partner can never be found.
I can read your mind.  I know that you're thinking "GROSS! Who in their right mind posts a picture of nasty old socks?!?"  Remember... this is the Normally-Odd Couple.  :)

Old socks make great ornament holders.  You just cut a sock in half (well, if your husband wears a size 13 shoe, that is).
Then insert an ornament like so (I leave the hangers on for ease the next year)...
And VOILA! A soft, protective barrier is placed between one ornament and another.  Then, I just carefully placed ornaments of like style in freezer ziploc bags.
Instant, safe, and recycled storage for years to come!  Used socks are more useful than one would think.  Does anyone still have their Christmas decorations up?  (Come on, Katie... who are you kidding!?)

Oh - and here's a little shout-out for the help from my sister-in-law Lindsey... thanks a million!

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