Monday, February 1, 2010

My Love Affair with the Red Sticker

I'm sad to say that it's true.  There's not much that gets my heart pumping (in the world of shopping, that is) like seeing a red sticker at... yes, I'm sure you love it too... TARGET.  And the red stickers must love me back these days, because I sure have found some great deals recently.

Take these babies for instance.
My first pair of adult rain boots! And for $6.47 I just couldn't pass them up.  Rain, snow, mud in the garden this spring.  I know I will get my money's worth.

Then, there were the abundance of frames with little red stickers.  It was difficult to decide, but taking some advice of a fellow blogger, I decided to go with her strategy of trying to identify one room to concentrate on when purchasing.  And ever since we got the curtains hung in our master bedroom (pictures still to come, of course, although you can get a little sneak peak below!) I haven't been able to help but notice how bare the walls are, even in their nice hue of green.  Do you like the green?  I don't think I've posted anything with pictures of our bedroom in yet!
And yes, I am normal, shown by the fact that I don't make my bed everyday.  Sorry, Mom.  I know you're probably embarrassed.  
A great size poster frame, originally $19.99 purchased for just $4.98!

Finally, these great little frames will look fabulous and add some geometrical interest, at $2.48 a piece, either one on each of our night tables, or on our dresser.
Dear Target, sometimes you really do show me your loyalty back.  And although I love you, I still love my husband more.  Really.  Especially with drill in hand! :)


  1. $6.47!?!? I need to my butt to Target, stat!! I've had my eye those rain boots for months now.

    You really did get some great deals. Love those geometric frames!

  2. I also had some red sticker moments today. Converse (pink!) for Ellie, $6.24. (were $25!)Also brown pants for Ellie at $1, a pink onesie, $1.24 and a onesie for a future baby gift, $1.74. Wait, nothing for me. Boo!


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