Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow Day Planning

It kind of sounds like an oxymoron to plan ahead for a snow day.  And I don't mean the run out to the store and buy eggs, break and milk kind of planning.  But I figure if we're going to be stuck inside Friday night and all day Saturday, I might as well put it to good use.  Here's what I've got planned... working on some of my year's to do list and working on some other projects I've been "collecting":
  • Finish second linen wall board project (made first one a few weeks ago, but still have supplies sitting around for the second).
  • Get to the bottom of the laundry pile.  This is on my list EVERY week it seems, but somehow, it's a bottomless shopping cart pit.
  • FILE! And not the taxes (thanks to 2 accountants in the family, I won't have to use the TurboTax this year).  We have so many bills and tons of paperwork that hasn't made it out of the bill box into our filing cabinet yet.
  • Felt craft art project using some materials I found recently in the $1 section at Michael's.  Pictures to follow this project, of course. 
  • Get Rob to finish re-installing all of the outlets so we can cross that off of our list.  Not many to go!  
Other than these projects, we will probably build a fire and watch some movies. And maybe I will try a new PW recipe from my cookbook.  Any snow weekend plans for you?

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  1. I've been planning for the snow day, too. Dan will be staying over to EU tomorrow night most likely, so I'll be snowed in and w/o car. The perfect excuse to craft and sew all day :)

    I'm hoping to get a couple records painted, finish sewing some pillows and also attempt to get to the bottom of my own bottomless laundry. Why do clothes seem to breed as soon as they hit they basket?


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