Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chocolate Wrapper Art

For under $6 and less than 10 minutes, I was able to create some artwork more than appropriate for the kitchen.  And I got to eat some antioxidizing chocolate before I started.  Well, actually, I ate it a week ago, and the chocolate was a gift, which was even better.
(click on the image to see the collage in BIG view)

And the finished project, nicely displayed on my kitchen counter for all to see (and I have to say how glad I am that it takes attention away from the peach countertops that I've mentioned in the past)...
Gotta love the vintage modern art, inspired by something so simple.  Sometimes decorating and accessorizing is just about working with what you already have (or in my case - HAD - after I polished off my yummy treat... not in one sitting of course!).  

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