Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the Magic of Macy's

About a year ago, I was checking the Macy's website almost every day, to peek at what had been purchased off of our wedding registry.  We were so glad that we registered at Macy's, because not only did they have a wide selection of options in their home store (at least our King of Prussia Macy's did), plus the Analon cookware that we were hoping to receive (thanks Mom & Dad!), but their cash back rewards incentives were great, not to mention their amazing sales.  We got a gift card a few months after our wedding for nearly $100 - 5% cash back from all gifts purchased by our guests, and 10% back for purchases we made for the wedding such as the groomsman gifts.

And usually, I lose everything, and am surprised that after moving twice, I still had the gift card!

I just happened to check the Macy's website today to see if they were having any sales, and today was the preview sale day for one of their One Day sales tomorrow.  So after work, I made a quick stop.  And, man, I sure was glad I did.

I scored a Martha Stewart white ceramic pitcher, a set of pillow shams for the guest room that is soon to be decorated, and a cast iron griddle/panini press... ALL FOR $40 (marked down from original prices of over $150)!  The salesperson was nice enough to give me an extra 10% discount, since I shared that I had registered there - she just printed out my registry from last year and added these items so I could get a better deal.

So, if you haven't lately, and you need a gift or something new for your home... don't forget to check out Macy's.

Note: Macy's did not pay me whatsoever to mention them in this post.

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