Monday, March 29, 2010

March Update

March is almost over, and I have been a lousy blogger this month.  I think the beginning of Spring has gotten me re-energized to start new projects, and we have definitely been spending more time working on things outside, and later into the night since it stays lighter outside for so much longer.  All of this has meant less time to blog.

Or maybe that's just my excuse.

Kitchen Update: All the wallpaper is finally down, and Rob has spent countless hours scraping glue remnants and sanding in preparation to paint.  We have also spent lots of time planning how to use our tax rebate money to change as many things as possible, and have found some great deals so far, like under-cabinet mounted lighting for $5.99 at Ollie's (usually cost $14.99 each at Lowe's).  We have also decided on butcher-block countertop from IKEA, and a dishwasher with the utensil holder on the door... Rob's choice... making room for more dishes in the bottom drawer so we don't have to run the dishwasher as often.  I am trying to find a white farmhouse-style sink that I like and that fits the dimensions that we need.  The plan is to get a lot of this done while we won't be living at home for a month - that's right! back to camp for us this summer - which will be nice, since I won't be needing to cook then, and might actually be able to enjoy the renovation more.

Bathroom update: The pink toilet has been running constantly.  It used to stop running if you jiggled the handle, but that stopped doing the trick about two weeks ago.  We knew we would need to replace the toilet eventually, but we were hoping to wait until next year at this time to work on projects in the master bathroom.  On the upside, we're getting more money back for our tax return than we anticipated, and we also have a friend who is going to help us with another bathroom project prior to replacing the toilet - installing a tile floor!

In other update news, we've been able to do small projects, like get the front door prepped for painting it red later this week, hanging some more artwork (especially in our master bedroom), and hanging a coat rack/assembling a shoe bench so that we have some semblance of a mini mud room near our front door.  Rob has also replaced a few more outlets, and installed the new wireless doorbell.  Oh, and we're also brand new premium members of AAA, because we drive cars that are getting up there in age and you never know when you'll need a friendly tow. 

I officially feel like a grown-up now - I have purchased my first toilet, and have joined AAA without my parents paying the membership for me. 

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