Monday, May 17, 2010

Random Musings

This is going to be a no-picture post, although you can see some lovely pictures of our flowers in bloom here.  Since it's the first spring in our new home, we've enjoyed being surprised by the colors and types of flowers planted by previous homeowners. Right now the poppies are in bloom, and I hope to post pictures of those soon - they're fabulous!

This weekend, we spent a bit of time powerwashing some of our backyard and soon-to-be patio furniture. It's amazing what a little bit of pressurized water can do!  While Rob was working on that, I transplanted and potted some plants and herbs (mint and basil).  We are hoping to get some more vegetables planted in a bed out back for this year, with hopes of building a raised garden a little bit later, but not in enough time for planting for this summer. We also pruned our Japanese Maple to make it a little less lopsided and expose more of the pretty trunk... and be able to more easily mow under it without killing ourselves! 

We've also been busy moving in some new furniture donated by our family with the selling of Rob's grandmother's house... and just as busy getting ready for our first yard sale, to happen this coming Friday and Saturday.  I am hoping to start pricing items tonight that we've been collecting in a corner of the basement as we moved and unpacked.  Hm... to go with the "all items on this table $1" method or individually labeling or color-coding with a sign labeling... not sure.  Suggestions?

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