Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Reading

When I was a child, I always cried on the last day of school.  I was one of those dorky kids that LOVED school, and so I think I picked up reading in the summer as a way of bridging the gap between June and August and formal education.  Now, summer reading is a habit.  Maybe it's the longer days or the ability for more time do pick up a book for the beach or vacation.  Summer is just a time when I get to read more, and love it still!

Here's what I have on my list for this summer, so far...

This book is currently being shipped to me from my friend Amazon.com. I ordered it because I heard the author being interviewed by the host of the radio show I listen to on my morning drive.  Sounds like an excellent read, and I'm sure Rob will be reading it too...

I started the Omnivore's Dilemma a few years ago when it first came out, but never got past the first few chapters.

And now for the lighter reads...

I am over halfway through this book, which I have LOVED so far, especially after seeing the movie Julie & Julia and cooking my own Boeuf Boourguignon.  It makes me want to move to France and transport myself back in time.

Every girl needs a mindless, quick page turner, right?  This 500+ pager bargain mass-market paperback is sure to do the trick. It will be something I can keep in my purse and pull out during a lunch break or car ride.

What's on your reading list? Any suggestions I should add to mine?

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  1. still need to read the Omnivore's Dilemma myself. Love the sig you created! I like seeing your oh-so-familiar handwriting. :)


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