Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Kitchen Prep

It seems like all we ever do is measure the kitchen.  Well, tonight after work, Rob and I are planning to meet at IKEA to actually make some decisions and actually maybe do some ordering for our kitchen. Countertops, sink + faucet, and flooring are on the list.  Plus who knows what else...

Here's a little pre-trip planning, completed in the wee hours of this morning.  Too early for me to be out of bed.  I hope I measured accurately!

You can see a little bit of bleed-through to my "list" complete with prices and measurements on the reverse side.  Like the planning phase, but think I will LOVE the finished phase.  Although I know it will never truly be "finished".  And that's what I love about nesting!

Can you see how this fits into our floor plan?

Stay tuned for some before and "during" pictures - to see what's happened so far behind the elusive plastic curtain I posted a few months ago. 


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