Monday, June 22, 2009

Week One: Mission Impossible

Yesterday was the first day of Boys' Camp, and it was an exciting day! Thankfully, the weather cooperated after a week of rain and clouds. The sun came out just as the campers began to arrive. This week, there is a Dwight look-alike who is always commenting about being hungry, and a lot of really cute 8-10 year old boys who just say silly things. Mission Impossible is the theme of the week based on a night-time game that the campers are always excited to play. During normal weeks, they only play once, but during MI week, they play multiple times, and last night was the first round. Rob and I play the role of "guards" along with other staff members, while each cabin tries to stealthily retrieve their flag from a designated location while attempting to avoid being caught by the guards. So last night, Rob and I drove around with flashlights and spray bottles, and pretended to water the "flowers" (or campers who were trying to blend in with the grass). After the game, I heard one camper say "I wasn't near my cabin and someone just kept spraying and spraying me!" It's fun to see them so excited. Needless to say, because of MI, we will probably be more tired this week because of staying up later to guard, and by the end of the week, campers will probably be tired too.

More stories from camp to come, hopefully including great one-liners from campers and counselors!

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