Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Picnics, Jobs, and Visitors

This past weekend, my parents, Krystal and the Sandersons visited us at Sankanac. We spent the afternoon swimming and fishing and canoeing, had a cookout/picnic, went on the HUGE waterslide at camp, and built a fire and roasted marshmallows. It was a really nice day of catching up and relaxing.

Week One of camp finished well, although the staff (including Rob and I) were tired from multiple games of Mission Impossible. And we are well into this week, thankful for less campers and more time to breathe. Next week is Army/Navy week, the most popular week of camp, and there will be twice the number of campers as we have this week.

Rob had an interview today for the full-time position of the Social Studies teaching job that he long-term subbed for last year. We are hoping that he gets the job offer once he completes a few more observation hours needed to receive his special education certificate from the Commonwealth. The plan is for him to get that all finished before our Ireland trip so that he will have the certification by the time we get back. New in my job area... I have completed training hours necessary to become a PA Notary, and my application is pending with the state. This will give me a chance to use my skills at Eastern (we have a lot of students who need stuff notarized to go on missions trips, study abroad, etc.), but is something I can also do on the side if I wish to.

Soon, Kathryn will be returning to the States to work at camp for 2 weeks before we go over there to visit her on her turf. A mutual friend (can you guess who, Kathryn?) mentioned that she is probably going to get flagged by customs soon for such frequent visits... we hope not! and are glad she has been able to travel here so often.

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